Everything you wanted to know about voice but were afraid to ask

Contrary to what you might have heard, voice isn’t dead.

In fact, voice is bigger than ever. There are almost 400 million voice lines in the United States. Yes, that’s right – more than one for every man, woman and child in the country.

And except for a short downturn in 2020-2021 due to COVID, voice line sales have continued to increase in the US, every single year.

It’s true that many of those are cellular/mobile – and indeed, that has been a trend going on since the early 2000s. The ubiquity and utility of mobile voice and data can’t be denied. But they come at the cost of price, and reliability.

Let’s face it, most mobile is expensive, and fairly unreliable. Indeed, for an industry that used to pride itself on 5-Nines (99.999% availability and call completion rates), most have gotten used to their mobile service being somewhat flaky and unreliable.

For some applications, that doesn’t cut it. Fire and security alarms are still mandated to be land-lines in some jurisdictions. And there are lots of places where cellular just doesn’t work very well.

Interestingly, a lot of these places are rural areas where huge amounts of federal and state money are flowing in to build broadband networks.

Now, voice is complex. There are a lot of moving parts. Don’t let anyone fool you. Sure, Joe Bob VoIP Company down the street may resell a VoIP provider and make it sound easy – but in reality there is engineering, quality of service, NAT, configuration, number porting (in AND out), provisioning, troubleshooting, billing, taxes, and regulatory compliance. And yes, Joe Bob VoIP Company is subject to all that and so are you.

That’s a lot to think about, organize, and get right and keep right – at the same time you’re trying to build a fiber optic network. In fact, you are likely trying to put every single penny you can get your hands on into fiber construction. The competition is real, and maybe you’re even going up against some of the biggest businesses in the world.

The last thing you need to do is take on all that extra complexity and headache.

But if you don’t have voice, you’re leaving money on the table. If you could make an extra $15 per month in free cash flow from your fiber subscribers, would that increase your net profit 30%? 50%?

What if there was a way to add voice without risk, complexity, or headache?

Well hello, ElephantTalk!

Anyone can sell you voice.

But with a focus on automating every last possible element of the delivery of voice services, ElephantTalk can put voice in your portfolio in a way that is almost transparent to your operations. Through seamless integration with your BSS/OSS, with carrier porting systems, and with your end-user equipment, ElephantTalk will supercharge your profits.

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