Introducing ElephantTalk

Today, we’re proud to announce ElephantTalk.

ElephantTalk is a white-label voice platform built especially for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Founded by industry veterans with cumulatively almost 100 years in telephony, ISP operations, and web services, we started with a clean slate to build a modern communications platform from the ground up.

Whether you’re a Wireless ISP (WISP), Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) ISP, or a traditional rural local telephony company (ILEC), ElephantTalk delivers what you need:

Profitable: with a simple flat-rate fee structure, you can build a profitable business model that delivers high-margin (up to 60%) cash flow.

Risk-Free: Add voice to your service offering, with NO capital expense, NO minimum spend commitments, NO term commitment, and NO specially-trained voice engineers required. Try it – love it? We’ll grow with you. Doesn’t meet your needs? No harm, no foul, and no breakup fees.

Fast & Easy: This is 2024. You shouldn’t have to go through a 1900s manual sales cycle, with screenings, meetings, more meetings, quotes. We took our guidance from the modern generation of Internet applications where you show up, sign up, and you’re doing business with us in minutes – not weeks. And our modern, clean, responsive and intuitive web user interface is easy for anyone to get started with voice.

Predictable: Our flat-rate pricing means your bill will be predictable. No surprises, gotchas, nickel-and-diming, hidden fees.

Reliable: Remember we said it was 2024? Our service is built with modern web-scale, geo-redundant, multi-region distributed technology at every level. Every component has redundant elements. Yes, we’ll break sometime. But our architecture ensures minimum downtime, and survivability even with regional outages.

Flexible: You shouldn’t have to give up control in order to gain the benefits of “cloud” services. We built in near realtime CDR tracking, call logging, SIP troubleshooting and diagnostics. ElephantTalk is also built with an API-first approach – meaning anything you can do in the GUI, you can do with our advanced REST API. Use our automation, or, integrate your own BSS/OSS automation into ElephantTalk.

We’ll be exploring more about ElephantTalk in upcoming posts. Stay tuned to learn more about the platform we believe will set the standard for the next 20 years of communications.

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